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I just posted this as part of one of my other posts, but just in case it does not get read I am posting this. For some reason, the last few days I have been thinking about my ex and had the urge to contact her because of some weird gut feeling. I did not contact her and would not. But, here is what is weird. Today, she e-mails me out of the blue. She forwarded a joke quiz to me and a few other people. I know it was not an accident because this was not her normal distribution list. I thought this was such a weird coincidence. I am curious what others think? I am thinking it was her way of putting out the hook so that she could find out if I was still in love with her and on the back burner. What do you all think?

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She might be baiting you indeed...if she has not heard from you, ex's will do this some time....more so if you are actually moving on.


I would not respond to a mass-email joke though, honestly. That is not really showing "true" effort from her side and is kind of sneaky, especially if she knows you are trying to do no contact and so forth. An email where she actually expressed a desire to talk to you might be different, but a joke email is way too 'vague'.

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I agree 100%. I was not asking if I should contact her. I know that I should not and will not. I was just curious why she would send me the e-mail. I think it was to bait me a bit and see if I was still waiting around for her. I have not talked to her in two months and did not respond to her Birthday e-mail a month ago. I am sure she is just trying to see, if I am still interested. The fact is that I am, but she is not so I am not falling for her hook.

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She may call you soon. Give it some more time. Don't respond to lame emails, or any emails at all actually. Wait for the phone call. Remember, you deserve the phone call! Don't take crumbs. You're better than that. You've come far, so hold tight.


Don't crack. Hang in there. You're doing well. Stay strong!

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Thanks Patience. I definitely will not crack. I also think that she will not call or if she does, it will be for her own ego. I really don't ever see her wanting to get back together, but we can't predict the future. The funny thing is that I have had some issues come up where my company is being bought and so is my apartment complex so I have no idea what the future holds. I was thinking today about possibly moving away. Maybe she senses this. lol

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Wow! Maybe on some level she sense that you are leaving, or maybe she has heard it through the grapevine, you never know.


Moving could be really exciting! You could start your life over so to speak.


What sort of future would you like to create for yourself? Are you free to move anywhere you like? That would be so cool to be able to just pick up and go!

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Well, I really doubt she heard anything because I only talk to one of her friends. I am actually a little bit excited that I may lose my job because it may give me the reason that I need to move. I live in a really cool area and don't know, if I would want to move out of state. I live in Southern California and you can't beat the weather. Any suggestions on where to move?

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Since you are 100% free of any commitments, perhaps consider moving to a place you have always felt drawn to. If you have some savings, you could even travel for a bit before you decide where to settle down again.


There are so many beautiful places in the world. It really depends on what you want to get out of a move.

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