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So... a lot of drama unfolded around me dating a guy that wasn't honest with me about his intentions, and then i accused him of just wanting me for booty call. His brother got involved, but he got involved because of drama associated with the sister of a friend who was crushing on "my" guy who was talking with his brother and told him something I'd said to my friend when we first started dating, just asking her if i could trust him.


But the reason why she said something to him was because he was giving her a hard time because she is dating a white guy. She is black. "My" guy is black. I'm white.


So I'm stunned, basically "my" guy doesn't "date" white girls, it's a separatist thing. So it's really revealed to me why he treated me so bad and it's really crazy. The reason why he wouldn't get close to me is likely because I'm white. And the reason why he didn't bring me around his friends is likely because I'm white.


I'm stunned.

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You didnt really ask a question or ask for any particular advice. So I just offer my comments. It definitely is a confusing situation. That first paragraph had my head spinning as I read it with all the " who said this, asked this, did this, etc etc.....


I dont know about the race issues when it comes to dating. I dont think race has anything to do with how or why someone might treat you badly. Maybe its just how he is and how he treats people no matter the color of their skin. I am sure you have your reasons for believing its a white and black thing. NO doubt you have alot of confused feelings about it.

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Well after reading your post I am still not sure whom is who....ouch my head....however, definitely an interesting "finding". Like Day, I have known people whom were also fine messing around with people of all ethnicities, but were reluctant to date seriously someone of another race or culture.


It sucks for you, but it seems he really had already known this before he ever got involved with you, so explains his behaviour. Too bad you had to go for the ride, but at least you are off of it now!

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i know it has my head spinning too. i feel horrible that his brother got involved in it, and it's incredible that it just exploded the way things did.

basically, I was dating A, my friend had a sister named B, A had a brother named C.

C gave B a hard time about dating white people and then B said, well, your brother is dating a white girl (me), and then told him about the email I sent to my friend. I didn't even know that B existed or that she was crushing on A.

no doubt that A treats people badly, no doubt, it just makes my head spin how messed up it all is and how dishonest people were. yeah, i think he had no intention to be serious with me and based that principally upon my skin color.

so, i've sent far too many emails and calls about this drama and i'd just really like to get some apologies from A and C, just recognizing the racism and two-facedness aspect of it, but i know that i won't get the response i've been asking for an have to let it go...

it hurts.

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