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Ex msg me again

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So as most you know my ex and I broke up about a month ago. Lately I have been doing no contact and basically going out with other girls and having fun. I havnt talked to her for a week and neather of us tried to have any contact with each other till last night. She msg me on msn , I ignored it, but now im wondering if i did the right thing? should i answer her or wait a little longer?




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The no contact is probably best for now. I am on the one month point after a break up and have had no contact since that day. I have moved on like you and started doing things again that I had long put to the wayside. I am going out with friends and doing some social things again. Since you are doing so well it seems with moving on, I would suggest that continuing the NC for a while.

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You did the right thing. The only time to break no contact in your sort of case is if she tells you she wants to get back together. Anything short of that you should ignore. If she really wants to do that, she will find a way to get the message through.

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