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My visit with the former girlfriend...

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Hello everyone.


Just writing to let you know how yesterday's visit with the former went.

I am happy to announce that it went well...


Its an hour drive to see her, and the whole way I kept running all these negative scenarios through my mind. My nerves were wrecked, and I was doubting this desiscion more and more with each passing kilometer.


When I pulled up to her house, I could see her waiting in the window. She waved, and had a huge smile. For an instant I thought, 'oh no, what the hell am I doing?'


But when she came out to greet me and Parker, and I saw that smile on her face, it all went away. I let Parker out and he was so excited he tacked her. (He is a Staffordshire Terrier) She was laughing, and he was kising her to death.. but instead of being sad, It really was a relief to see her. Seeing her happy, her smile always did make everything else seem irrelivant.


So we went out for breakfast, which was great. A little awkward finding stuff to talk about at first. (Neither of us wanted to discuss us.) When we started talking about her upcoming vacation, things just got better from there. We laughed, smiled, basically did what we both really wanted. To just enjoy eachother's company.


After breakfast, we went to the park. Picked up a coffee on the way, and took Parker to the field and let him go crazy. There was maybe a minute there, where I felt tears welling inside me.. because it was just SO great to see them both happy like this again. But I caught it in time, and was able to avoid that scene.


It then came time for her to go to class, so I dropped her off at school. On the way, she did say something that I wasn't expecting, or didn't know how to react to. She told me that she has never met anyone like me. That I am so sweet, caring and she cant imagine her life without that.


I realize now, that she appreciates my company. She appreciates the fact that I really DO respect her, and only want her happyness. And I really do. I would do anything for her. Is that the type of support that comes with love? Well, with my love absolutely. Is it the type of support that has to end with the relationship? Absolutly not. Of course I love her. But I truly mean it when I say that I always will.


So all in all, I think the trip went well. The drive home was nice. I had a smile the whole way. And I slept all night last night. This morning, I think of her again, and I smile. Of course I miss her. And of course my heart is still broken.. but I can be happy today. Her smile is fresh in my memory

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isn't it amazing how much difference a positive attitude can make? i feel like this could have been a very difficult situation for both of you but b/c you were both positive about it, things worked out ok. I'm glad you had a good time with her - it seems like she had a good time as well. Seeing ex's can be hard but you handled it perfectly - bravo : )

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I cannot thank you enough for your positive replys, and encouraging words. Always, you seem to lift my spirits. And its because of this positive energy from you, and others who have been so helpful, that I haven't completely abandoned my belief in love.


I find myself looking forward to your reply's. Thanks so much for being a angel in my corner



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