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So my ex and I have been bouncing this e-mail back an fourth in the past hour or so and im curious, if he broke up with me and APPARENTLY dosent want me in his life anymore, why is he saying this. NOTE! This is by e-mail, not instant messenger...just to clear that up.


Ex: Hey I just wanted to see what was up with you and how you were doing

Me: Im doing fine, thanks. How about yourself?

Ex: Im doing good, I thought id check up on ya and make sure you are doing ok.

Me: Thats good, thanks.

Ex: is something wrong?

Me: Well of course, I have a broken heart.


Since then I havent gotten an e-mail back from him but, just the other day I went to pick up my things from his house and cried out every drop of water I had in my body and hugged him and he didnt even seem to care. He hasnt called, which im actually glad because I personally like e-mail right about now, for the fact I can see what he has to say but not respond. Yes I seem possibly mean in my e-mails to him but...Do I need to be for him breaking my heart?! WHAT DOES HE WANT!? DOES HE STILL WANT ME? But everytime I talk to him, he personally could care less about me...so...yeah...why is he acting this way?!

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time2moveon -


It sounds like he's a 16 year old boy and he's not anywhere near ready for the type of relationship that you may want from him. He may care about you as a friend or even feel guilty for breaking up with you but he's not showing any signs of wanting to get back together. I'd take his meaning literally, he knows he hurt you and was just making sure you are okay.


It hurts, we've all been through breakups. The longer we hang on to what they say and what they mean by what they say, the harder and longer the pain lasts. If you can, try avoiding him for a while until you've had some time to get over the breakup.

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He may be feeling claustrophobic about your needyness. It happened to me before. Me and my exboyfriend got together about 3 times after breaking up.


At first we talked over e-mail and as soon as I pointed out how much he hurt me and making emotional requests to him he backed off. I just stuck to the e-mail, e-mailing him trivial stuff when I felt strong (because if you do that when you are down, it will pull you down even more) and as soon as our e-mails got friendly again (which may take months) I asked him to talk to me on the phone. And then he realised that he misses me.


We get back together... not that this is the recipe, because I am single aswell. But I bet he cares about you, but he feels like he needs a break.

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I just wanted to throw another suggestion as to why he may be behaving this way out there..

Is it possible he just wants to find out that you're NOT doing so well so he can get off on the fact that you 'still want him?'

I've known a lot of guys like that who have contacted me just to make sure I was still thinking about THEM as a way of boosting their pathetic little ego's. Regardless of the reason its time to go strict NC so you can move on.

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Dannys has a point, he probably is just finding out where your at because while he doesn't want to be with you, he wants to make sure your not over him. That way he feels better also I'm sure if you were with someone else right now that would probably destroy him and he wants to make sure that's not the case because in his mind your still his.

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