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My wife walked out on me in the first week of August 2005 (long story posted here before). Now since then I have been trying to move on, and there is No contact from my end. Suddenly, few days back I am working in my office and i get a missed call from her. Is she trying to mind * * * * me ? what does this mean?


Oh by the way she has already asked for divorce thrice! she didnt even have guts to call me up herself, her uncle gave all the calls on her behalf.I have already kept a lawyer and doing everything on his advice.


Life is tough coz all of a sudden there is a big vaccum. Life seems to be a drag. Perhaps it was a good idea to move back with my folks - emotional support u know.


Anyways, you guys been a great support as well. Just thought of writing it up here.

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i bet she's just curious about what you're up to. she probably wants to see how well you're doing on your own, new love interest etc. maybe it was even to call and see what's going on with the divorce. what's important though is to not let her call get to you too much. you're doing yourself a good thing with no contact - keep it up - if she really needs to get a hold of you she will.

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