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Well I think I'm ready to start healing. Don't really think about the ex too much and have stopped feeling really depressed. I've broken off contact with everyone who might try and tell me what she's doing. But I'm confused....I went to see another ex this weekend and of course I realized what I liked about her in the first place. I had broken up with her and immediately started dating the one I just broke up with. There was some tension when I first got to her place but after awhile she warmed up. We ended up having a real good time together. Nothing happened but I ended up spending the night and I've talked to her on the phone a couple times at length since then. I really want this girl as a friend but I'm afraid I might want more. Is this just an inadvertent coping mechanism or is it my heart telling me I made a mistake in ending the relationship three years ago? I really like spending time with her and talking to her, but I don't want to think something will happen and it doesn't and then I end up back at square one.

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Hi Benny!


I would not say you are confused but just vulerable right now. Your heart is heavy and aching for love, affection, and attention right now. Especially from the opposite sex and since you do have a history with this woman, it makes perfect sense that you may have second thoughts about breaking up with her 3 years ago.


I would have to advise you to be very careful and lean on others too, not just her. She is not the only one whom can help you through this confusing time. You are experiencing so many emotions, it may cloud your judgement a bit. I think it's best for you to get better and heal. If you jump in any relationship now, it would be a rebound relationship and you are not traveling light at the moment. Just take things very slow right now, take care of you, and get well. Your recent posts have been very emotional. I am glad to see you are on the road to recovery. Remember, you have your friends here at Enotalone to help you too. Take care and hang in there friend. (((hugs)))

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