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What do I do now?!

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I've posted about this guy before, but things have changed slightly now. To cut a long story short, I broke up with my b/f of 4 years last April and was happy to date people casually. I met this guy at work and we have been dating since October, although seeing other people as well. When I asked him about being exclusive (after he kept pestering me about my feelings) I told him that I did like him and wouldn't mind just seeing him. He said he didn;t think he could be faithful, so I accepted that and took full advantage of casually dating other people (not sleeping with them , just hanging out together and stuff). We spent last Friday night together and had a great time. Again he brought up the conversation of what we both want, and was saying that I deserved to be hooked up with someone who I could see more often (we see each other everyday at work and go out every week or so). I said I wasn't interested in seeing anyone (cos in truth I like him a lot) and that I'm happy just seeing him and other people on a casual basis. So what do I do now?? Just see how things go or come right out and tell him how I feel about him (that I like him). He always says I'm great company and so forth and it's always him asking how I feel, like he's fishing for compliments. A lot of people I know have said they think it'll blossom into something more and that I shouldn't push it. Should I just leave things the way they are? Thanks for any advice.

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The only time I have told women that I wouldn't be able to be faithful to them (or thought it even) is when I was not 100% attracted to them. I was afraid that I was just going to use them for convenience, knowing that when something better for me came along, I would leave.


Interestingly, even though I was being very upfront and honest about it, they usually tried to talk me into some sort of relationship with them. Everytime I was talked into trying it anyway, though I was never unfaithful, I did end up having to end things because my heart just wasn't in it.


So, I really echo the above thoughts and would just move on if you don't want to keep things casual.

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