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Im having some issues with trusting myself. The thing is, I have met this guy (through ny best friend) around a month ago, he is really nice. We have gone out together and he hasnt tried to get in my pants or anything. He hasnt shown me anything would show him as a threat to me. I really like him and he wants me to spend the whole day with him on friday.


He wants to take me around to the beaches and other cool places. I would love to go with him but im alittle scared because ive been in a situation where i was nearly raped by a xbf.


When looking back on that relationship, I can point out on so many things that led to it, I had ignored all the signs. But with the guy i like, I cant find any. he says he wants to hug and kiss me and thats all (he says 'nothing more'), he knows about my ex and says he hates the sound of him, he also knows i havent had sex yet and im waiting for marriage, and he said he really respects that.


So I was wondering, from what I told you, should I go and hang out with him, or should i say i cant. I know if i say i cant i will have the same problem with the next guy.


Please set me right. Thank you.

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You need to trust your instincts on this one! it sounds like he is a good guy who will respect you, not like your ex. If you feel safe around him then go with that. Maybe (considering what happened to you before) you could go somewhere public and not too quiet just in case you feel insecure about being with a guy alone to start with. You will soon be able to tell his intentions just be spending more time with him. Don't let a bad experience with one guy colour your impression of all guys! There are some great ones out there!!

Go for it


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You never know what could happen unless you take a chance. At some point you are going to have to take a chance in trusting someone with your heart again, since I don't think you want to end up alone. This guy seems like he is good, so he is a good person to take a chance with. And if he, or anyone else starts to make you feel uncomfortable, you know not to stand for it. Tell him if you start to feel like that and if he is good, he will respect you. Take things slow and go at a pace you are comfortable with, the guy should be ok with that, understanding what you went through. But don't let one bad guy make you fearful of ever opening your heart again.

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