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Lately I just feel like I'm floating and going no where. Almost a perpetual loneliness has set in to the point where I am curious if I will ever find someone that will truly make me happy. I've been in commited relationship for the past 6 years or so and I'm really wondering how one finds someone that blows them away. Lately it just seems like I've been drinking more and meeting some new people but no one that really aw's me to the point of actually wanting to pursue them. Perhaps I just have to high of expectations in another human being, I'm not sure. I guess I'm just sick of floating and wondering if there really is a right person out there and how long will it take to find them. This normal, and I'm 22 nearly 23 so no it's not a mid life crisis and no I'm not suicidal so don't worry about that either. Just feel lonely lately

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Have you thought about focusing on yourself for awhile? You've been in a relationship for 6 years, so since you were 16 or 17 I take it. That is very young to have gotten into a long term committed relationship, and maybe now is the time to explore life on your own for a bit. You talk about wanting to find someone to make you happy, I think you need to learn to find happiness on your own first, and then positive people will flow into your life when you aren't even looking. Don't let your happiness depend on a man! And you are young, so keep your head high, you have lots of time. What things do you enjoy doing? Immerse yourself in activities that interest you, and focus on YOU for awhile. Love will happen again, but make sure you love yourself in the meantime. Easier said than done I know.

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I'm sorry I was a bit misleading, I have been in a relationship of some sort for the past 6 years. One was 4 years the other was 2, I was really messed up after the first one and I almost feel like I never fell for the girl I was with for two years regardless how amazing of a person she was. But yeah, you make some good points, the problem is I have no idea what I want in life, all I know is I'm not happy currently. Atleast I'll get a change of scenary real soon, got an opportunity to see Europe for 8 months and get paid to do it so that should be fun anyway.

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I guess the space I created after I broke up with my most recent girlfriend has given me plenty of time to reflect upon that relationship and the more I think about it, it seems like I never fell for her. I was just sort of in the relationship so I wasn't alone, maybe that's a personal fear who knows. All I know is I carry deep scars from the first one that lasted 4 years because of how things played out. It's almost as if I fear letting someone get real close so to avoid them actually knowing me I lock everything away about how I am thinking and actually feeling about something. I guess it's hard to explain, but in a way I felt I sabataged a great relationship simply but not letting go.

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