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How do you get what you want out of your life?


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I don't know how else to say it except this: I feel like I'm putting up with a lot of junk in my life. Most of that "junk" takes the form of my being irritated with other people. I've got co-workers who are slackers (which makes more work for me 'cause the boss is also a slacker) and friends who aren't interested in doing the same things I am.


I can't control other people, but how do I enjoy myself IN SPITE of other people? I find myself doing mental comparisons -- like, "how come they have time to surf the Internet at work while I'm slaving away?" -- which leave me stressed and annoyed.


Does anyone have advice for staying centered when crap is going on all around you?


I know about boundaries, but they only go so far. I get frustrated because I don't feel I'm being nourished.



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"Does anyone have advice for staying centered when crap is going on all around you?"


Hi K8tie Kool


Don't worry about the slackers in the office...just focus on you and your task at hand. Keep something on your desk that brings a smile to your face to deal with periodic frustration. Think about life outside worky jerky ...SLACKERS are everywhere! lol


At least you have a good work ethic and who know's might lead to a higher position someday. TRUST ME your boss knows how hard you work.


Don't sweat it.


Take care

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What do you want out of life?


I'm kind of going through the same thing right now.. Learning how to detach myself from the actions of others, because I can't control them, and can only control myself. I think the answer is within you. You can't change them, but you can change your reactions, thought patterns, and the way you treat yourself. I'm currently reading a self-help book that is actually helping. It's called something like "Finding the inner you". Cheesy but helpful.

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Thanks you guys! I appreciate the reassurance and advice. Today I tried to focus more on my own stuff, and I had a better day.


What do I want out of life? Ariyadhana, that's a good question!


I've got a "bad" answer and a "good" one. The "bad" one is ... I want recognition for the contributions I'm making at work. To be perfectly honest, there's a part of me that wants people to be impressed and excited by what I'm doing. Is that self-centered? Maybe! All I know is it really bugs me when someone talks himself up to others, and they're all like "Oh, that's so great!" -- but he hasn't put in half the work I have. But on the other hand, I also hate talking myself up, because I think it's cheesy to do that. Looks like I'm in a Catch-22, huh?


The "good" answer is that I want to be able to follow my interests and be happy in general. I want to feel like I'm spending my time on things that are worth my while, whether it's practicing my music or read books or meditating or connecting with people in a way that I enjoy. Right now, I find myself wasting time sitting around wondering "Why did So-and-So do such-and-such today" and why I am so irritated!


Tomorrow, I think I will take a break every now and then and read something funny or interesting. Hopefully, then I will feel like I'm staying in touch during the day with what I want out of life, and not just putting up with junk.

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