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Pubic Hair

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Ok, well i have been dating this girl for a while now. I absolutely love her. And we are starting to become very intamate. We havent had sex yet but when we do i want to make a good impression. This leads me to wonder what girls think about male pubic hair. Should I shorten it? or shave it all off? or just leav it? I know she is completely shaved, but i dont know how she feels about male pubic hair. Any input would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.

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my current gf likes me to be smooth... man it sucks for the first week or so getting used to it, itches like a mf. Strange feeling but if it is what she likes I am up for it. To each their own, My opinion on the topic would be if you don't know what they like and don't want to ask yet then just trim it neatly, when you get to the point you can talk about it then find out.

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