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How can I feel better again?

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My boyfriend broke up with me not too long ago, and I posted about it at a different subject about how it was a really confusing break up and I didnt know what to do.


And now he is all I can think about, and I am sad almost all of the time now. I cant concentrate on anything and am feeling really depressed and empty. Sometimes I just start crying and I think that I will get over it but then I just feel sad again. I dont know how long this will take, but it is really affecting me, and everything I do.


How can I not hurt so much all of the time?


Please help I just dont know what to do anymore.

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Hey girl,


I am sorry for your pain. It seems like it's pretty recent, and that's the worst phase. It can only get better from here, and it will. It's a progress of ups and downs, but overall it's UP, I promise you! Are you still in contact with him? If so, the first thing is to stop contacting him. It's best to cut all ties immediately. I will just tell you what made me survive several break ups in the past, the last one is 9 months ago but I sure remember the sharp pain!


* make an appointment every day with someone. Be it on the phone or meeting for drinks, just so you stay in touch with the outside world

* don't worry about crying your eyes out. Tears are the souls cleanser.

* sometimes it will be better to be angry instead of sad. My father was merely angry about my first break up and how my ex handled the whole thing. I was crying all the time and thought my life has ended. He just told me I needed to stamp with my feet, and when I realized how pissed off I was, I found back the bit of selfrespect I was missing.

* Try to eat and sleep enough. Especially sleeping, this is nature's cleanser for the restless mind.

* Talk with everyone even if you're scared you'll bore them. Most people go through this at least once in their life, so we are pretty much all your mates in this!

* Frequent this forum, rant, vent, talk, shout, whatever you need.

* Listen to music that makes you feel like YOU again.


I hope it helps,



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Hi. With every heartbreak, you learn more about who you are and what you truly want/need from someone else. I am going through a breakup too. I am happy and I think it is for the best. However, it doesnt matter who does the breaking up....it still hurts. You almost go through cycles....panic, sad, angry, resentful, thankful and so on. However, it will get better and you have to believe that. While you are sad and spending your time thinking about him, what are you missing out on? I try to tell myself not to do that, but when you are sad, you get more fatigued and don't feel like doing anything. Ok....some things to get you feeling better: exercise, picking up a new hobby, and journaling. Me: Once I can get my butt to the gym, I DO feel a sense of relief. Picking up a new hobby? I am getting a friend to teach me to make jewelry. Bottom line: This will take time.....but it will get better. Take care!

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Im in your boat right now. Today I drove over and dropped off her dresser tv stand basically alot of her stuff.... I didnt want to have a reason for her to call....


I dont have great advice but this forum has helped me.


I try to reply to other folks posts if I have a hint of experience,,, helping somone else makes me feel good about myself... which is hard to come by...secondly I made soup or something resembling soup i took chicken spinach carots potatoes etc and made a huge pot... so when I dont feel like eating I just down a bunch of soup and it gets the job done so I can function.... sorry if I dont have girl advice but I will say a prayer tonight that you get through this really fast and meet a wonderful person.


Oh almost forgot last night before trying to sleep I ran around the block a few times and was so exhausted... i slept better lol i smoke




Quote: If there are no dogs in heaven, when I die I want to go where they went.

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