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Sweat. Not gonna lie, I love it.


My girlfriend complains that she sweats too much. I, on the other hand, simply indulge in the amazing aroma that is emitted from her. What can I say? I'm a guy, and I love getting down and dirty. If a girl sweats a lot (as long as it doesn't smell too offensive, I LOVE it.


So I guess this is to all the girls who are self conscience about their armpits sweating or any other places that may sweat:


Don't worry about it. Most guys love it, and when you sweat pheromones are released, which trigger sex hormones in guys.


So seriously, don't sweat it =)

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well i don't know if every guy loves it...i know a lot of girls including myself do many a things to make sure our own sweat doesn't come off offensive...i.e. body sprays, deodarants, and such. i know that when i begin to sweat from whatever i'm doing my bodyspray becomes more apparant with a little bit of my own scent, which i must admit gets me a little in the mood and does drive my boyfriend crazy, in a good direction.

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