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Why do guys play dumb ?

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Hmmm why do guys play dumb? I've always wondered about this....


For example, a friend of mine recently told a guy that I have a huge crush on him, which made me mad because it's not entirely true....anyway I confronted the guy I supposedly "have a huge crush on" and apologized about what my friend said, and the guy totally played dumb and pretended he didn't know what I was talking about, avoiding the subject....


And another time, I sent a mushy email to the wrong guy by accident, and later when I apologized about it he played dumb and acted like nothing has happened, and still continued to talk to me and showing interest.


lol why do guys do this?

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they think the way we think is weird... women use both sides of their brains when they comunicate and a man only uses one--generaly-- so I've read.


They'd rather shut us up quickly and not listen to our long explenations, it is a lazy response, sometimes a lying tactic, and also habitual.


Its rather annoying.

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Ok, well, imagine that both these guys had responded to your question and not played dumb.


You: Hey - sorry, my friend said that I like you, but I really don't. They were just being silly.

Guy #1: No problem - I don't like you either. I like this other girl.


Guy #1: Really, you don't like me? That sucks.


You: Sorry - I sent the e-mail to you on accident.

Guy #2: Oh, that's disappointing, I was hoping I could have sex with you.

or Guy #2: Yeah, that e-mail was really lame and sugary. It made me want to throw up.


See? Isn't it just easier if the guys just said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

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lol I just don't understand why guys would avoid the subject at hand since it's already brought up, and since me and him both know it's happened...why not talk about it, even for just a second, instead of playing dumb and dancing around the subject?


Anyway, about the first guy....does it seem like he's not interested in me if he avoided the subject?

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In reaction to the post above:


That is almost too much of a generality. Please, people come on this forum for help and advice, not to hear someone belittle the opposite gender.

Though I DO understand why someone would think this is true, it is most definetly not.

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That was funny Annie...


If you like the guy...then you should have led on too adn maybe he wouldn't have acted dumb.


If you dont', then he probably felt dumb.


But still in general, men do the dumb thing allot and it doesn't always mean that they are not interested in you...it just means they are doign the dumb man thing so that you dont' know how they feel or to shut u up.

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eriko...the reply was not to bash the opposit gender... ask any women who has had long term relationships and most will tell you that the dumb thing is a real deal.


Ask most men if they think women talk to much about irrevelent things and most will say yes.


You tell me then, why so many women have this problem with their husbands and significant others?

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From another point of view, those guys weren't doing the "dumb" thing so much as they were doing the "polite" thing. In both instances they saw that the OP was embarrassed, and they wanted to diffuse her embarresment by pretending they had no clue what she was talking about. From that point of view, they were thinking quite clearly and wanted to make the situation as easy for the OP, which is a very nice thing to do.

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One thing though, men use both sides of their brain, just as women do when conversing, communicating and so forth. I can't imagine a source that would say that men don't. That seems almost sexist.


I was mostly kidding, but it's kind of true that men can be dumb. We can be very stubborn and dense at times. I am also included in this scenario.

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It was a health magazine ... and it was not degrading to men...it was actualy helping women get their emotional needs from men by learning about the communication barriers...

now come on of course there are exceptions...the brain is like a muscle, if you exercise it it works more efficiently. There are scientific differences between men and women...Thank God!!!

If you think men and women communicate the same...you are crazy~!

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It has nothing to do with communicating the same way or not. The bottomline is that both sexes use various parts of their brain to integrate information in a meaningful fashion. It is a fact.


There are, doubtless, biological differences between sexes. I totally agree with that. I think (I could be wrong on this) that some men or women may use specific regions or pathways in the brain more often than the opposite sex, but of course, both sides of the brain are still involved in the process.

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Women GENERALLY have better verbal skills than men, whereas men GENERALLY have better spacial skills. Some people are the opposite, some suck at both, some are good at both and there are spaces in between of course. This is definitely not a black and white issue, but there are tendencies.

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