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Well, today I was at my girlfriends house for about three hours. After watching two BACK-TO-BACK episodes of FullHouse we went into her computer room. As she sat there checking her mail I pulled up a chair behind her and rested my head on her left shoulder. Strangely enough, she had gone onto someone's myspace who had the song "Chariot" playing. The song began just as my girl turned around and started kissing me passionately. I must tell you, never have I had a makeout/stuff i don't fell like talking about right now session before quite like that. It truly was a romantic sight, with the music playing and us just letting our hearts loose.

I hope everyone gets to have an experience like that, because there are some things in life that everyone should have a chance at.


Hope that made you feel better. I know I certainly do!


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My boyfriend and I decided to meet up mid-week to hang out because we really missed each other. This was relatively early on in our relationship.

I met him outside the subway station and he approached me with flowers.

I was surprised and impressed.

We went out to dinner together and afterwards wandered down to a park to stroll around. There was a soccer game going between these really cute kids and we sat on a bench not far off talking. We began to tease one another and joke around, and pretty soon we were play fighting on the grass. He picked me up over his shoulders and spun me around and around and around...and finally plopped me back on the ground and he stumbled down beside me. We both lay, heads spinning on the grass.

I turned to him and asked him if I could ask him a question lol

Him: "Sure. What is it?"

Me: "Are you in love with me?"

Him: *long pause* "Are you in love with me?"

Me: "Yes I am"

Him: "You know I'm in love with you"


Followed by the wonderfully cliche and romantic kiss. lol

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well with my current b/f we kinda dated around a bit before we finally started dating dating...when i finally confessed to him that i really really liked him he seemed surprised, he didn't believe that i really had (he hoped but was too chicken to find out). so he called me later that day and asked if i wanted to go out to the movies later that week. needless to say the week took forever, when the day finally came we picked out a "scary movie" and met up at the theatre cuz he had to go to dinner with his family right after. so sitting in the movie theatre watching the movie and neither of us would make the first move to hold hands or anything, needless to say i freaked out and wound up burying my head in his shoulder. he laughed and grabbed my hand and let out a long sigh. by the end of the movie he had had his arm around me and my head rested on his shoulder.

so the movie was over and he walked me to my car and gave me a long hug, i told him i would be at the park if he wanted to hang out later for a bit and just chill after dinner with his parents, he smiled and told me that would be great, and he left...we hadnt' kissed yet, and i wanted to so bad lol....so i went and read for a hour at the park like i normally do everynow and then when it was nice outside. he calls and shows up a little later to accompany me. we talked and walked around the park for a few hours and wound up back in my reading spot. we layed down on my blanket and looked up at the slowly fading sky, his arm was under me. after a good ten minutes of silence i lifted myself up on my elbow and smiled at him, and told him i really enjoyed his company. i leaned forward just a little bit to adjust my position and he pulled me in for our first kiss....it was amazing needless to say it was completely dark and past my school night curfew before we finally said goodbye from our starlite night, but it was all worth it.

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Two stories.


1. My first kiss. For months it had been clear that we liked each other, we had admitted it to each other, we wanted to kiss. But we were scared, especially me since at 22 I had never kissed before. I had gone to spend the weekend at her place. Both nights I was there we had slept next to each other, but nothing happened. The last morning she wasn't feeling well so we stayed in bed. For four hours we just layed there, talking and cuddling. I could feel how close we were, how much I loved her. I kept thinking, this is perfect, this is the best feeling I have ever had or will ever have again. Right as we had to get up, she said my name and I leaned over and kissed her. Short but as sweet as it gets. All the times I had dreamed of my first kiss, nothing could have come close to that.


2. Another girl, few months down the road. Again, nothing to much. Just cuddling together. The first girl had really hurt me. But this girl found a way to make me happy again. She was there for me when I needed her. And for that she is special. It wasn't something hugh, romantic, or sexy. It was just something sweet that meant a lot to me.

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