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Just a friend or her rebound?

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Last night a buddy of mine ran into my ex at the movies. She approached him and they said hi. After, she walked over to another guy and they went to the movies. My friend said she didnt look like the girl I use to date. She looked ghostly with no soul. We broke up on the 6th and I know through the grape vine my ex has been feeling down. I immidiately thought she has been seeing this guy while we were together but the people that know my ex said there is no way. I now think they could be just friends or maybe on a date with a rebound to get over me. Or perhaps she might have been seeing this guy while we were together too.. any thoughts?

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she is your ex, and as hard as it may be she is your ex for a reason. what she does with her life from now on is her business, if she is having a problem or needs to talk she will find someone to help, whether it be her friends or you personally, i think you should just try and stay away from her situation and focus on you just being happy, and not hers(whether she is or not) don't worry about what may or may not have happened during your relationship, it won't change anything, it was the past.

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Seriously, for your own mental health and well-being, do NC all the way.....at least indefinitely. You will go nuts trying to figure stuff out and analyze about it, and also about what's going on w/whoever is currently in her life. I hear ya, I am in the same boat, too.....


Chances are, most relationships that begin like a rebound really are. Sure, a few wind up working long term, but the odds aren't likely. Most people crave safety and security w/someone else, and alot of times, they run into the arms of the first person who shows even a bit of interest. It doesn't mean they're really compatible. Alot of folks out there settle just so they can say they have someone. It can be an ego thing. And it can also be a poor coping mechanism for people who want to forget their most recent relationship, whether they are the dumper or dumpee. However, I feel like the dumpers are more likely to do this than the other way around bec. they are already emotionally checked out of the last rel. and the dumpee typically is not.


Remember---when you first meet someone u think u could like, or date, you aren't seeing who they really are. It takes a long time being around someone to know all the layers, during good times and bad times, not just for drinking/partying/superficial settings. Anyone can party or live it up, but not alot of people are truly there for another person all the time and for the right reasons. There's alot of good people in this world, but alot of messed up selfish ones who always think there is someone better out there. Let them go............trust me, they'll regret it later on even if you don't know it, and by then, hopefully, you'll have learned and moved on and met someone great!

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Thanks for the support. It helps. The thing is, we have a history together and we were eachothers first EVERYTHING! The day she broke up, she asked to remain friends. I said of course but havent contacted her since. I dont care if she just met this new guy. My problem is my brain telling me she met this person while we were together. If this is the case, I dont want to remain friends and I want to wipe her out of my life for good. Understand? Basically, I dont want to jump to conclusion. For all I know, it could be a friend. But I feel like I must know how long they have been seeing eachother. To me it would be a spit in the face if they met while we were "together". By the way, I asked her if there was someone else in the picture, she said NO... Her mother said the same thing. And those who know her and even my family members who still talk to her all say the same. My heart tells me differently though.

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