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I need some help!!

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Well I'm a young one age 17 and in love but now she's saying she wants to be single now, its nothing I did wrong it''s just the distance I think b/c were 10 hrs away, and like we been together for 1yr and then had problems then and now she broke my heart doesn't want to be with me but she says she will love me forever should I believe that? and we been talking for along time she said, she wouldn't give up but i don't know what to do with out her in my life, she is everything that i want and is like the girl that I want to be with forever but she said she will be there for me and tell I come to her she will be there but it might not happen b/c she might find another lover and I can't live without her. Its sucks that i can't get over this its just happen 2 or 3 days ago, and we like never seen eachother and its like love at first site b/c we talked online then we end up falling in love. I would do anything for her, I would give my life up for her, but i don't know what to do anymore could anyone give me some advice that should I just let her go or try to keep her with me tell we see eachother?? could anyone help please some help me out. B/c this girl means so much to me I love her so much..

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OOHH It hurts. It hurts like Hell. Its the worst pain in the world and this is the first time you have experienced it. Nothing anybody sais or does will take this pain away and nothing anybody sais or does will make you feel better but I can give you some advice on how to deal with the situation.


(1) Find out from her EXACTLY what she wants and where you stand. Make sure she answers ALL your questions and that way, should the worst happen, you wont torture yourself for days to come with unanswered "whys" and "what ifs"


(2) You feel you can't live without her and that happens with any relationship. You won't want to hear this, but its true. You did live without her for 16 years and this "feeling" in time will go away. Sometimes this takes weeks, sometimes months but the old cliche' "time is a healer" is sooo true.


(3) You say you have never met. Some would argue that you aren't really in love, but who are they to dispute what you feel. Meeting up with her is a totaly different issue becasue the "online" to "real" transition can be disappointing or amazing (I have experienced both). What you need to realise is that if you meet her, and are disappointed, then you will be gutted. If you meet her and your heart warms to her then letting her go will be even harder. There is an argument that you have nothing to loose by meeting her, but only do this if you are prepaired to get more hurt.


(4) Put this WHOLE situation down to experience and learn from all the positives. The pain of being dumped, and the pain of being the one who is doing the dumping, are two of life's lessons that we must learn. Every relationship teaches us new things that we can take into the next.


(5) I Guarantee that when you reach my age (34) You will have had a few relationships, some good, some bad, some short, some serious, and you will look back to this time and remember that innocent 17 year old boy.

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