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Questions about body changes due to pregnancy


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Okay, so of course your breasts will swell up and get bigger but I have heard a lot of people say that your nipples get HUGE and basically your breasts are just really ugly and different after having a child. Is this true?

Do you guys know any tricks for avoiding stretch marks?

any good exercises to keep your body tight and in shape during and after the pregnancy?

I have a really great body now (not to sound conceited) and I really want to keep my body looking good for my husband and for myself.

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Your breast will change the areola the area around your nipple can become a little darker after you give birth if you choose not to breast feed it shouldnt take that long for the milk to come out and then for your ducts to stop producing breast milk however breast feeding not only is the best thing for your child but for you, you can loose all the pregnancy weight and sometimes more if you breast feed It took me 5 months after having my son to loose all my pregnancy weight and a little extra because your breast milk contains alot of fat in it. As far as gaining a good amount of weight and staying fit you should consult your doctor so he can recomend some things for you to do eating right is always esential especialy now and the strech marks keep your belly moisturised it helps a little of course there is no way to make stretch marks go away once they come out but when I look at mine which I got after I had my daughter it reminds me that I once carried life inside of me and it takes me back to all the good times I had while I was preagnant we women are so amazing.

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There's really nothing you can do to help keep stretch marks from forming. All those lotions.. A bunch of expensive hooey. Your skin is made up of colagen and elastin fibers, elastin being more stretchy. The more of it that your skin is composed of, which is all thanks to your mom and dad, the less stretch marks you'll have. What can help the appearance of stretch marks is those scar creams. Mederma is one that comes to mind, I'm sure there are others. I'd talk to your doc about when it would be safe to use it.


Your areola can become both larger and darker with pregnancy. My breasts will never be the same but I wouldn't say any of the changes that happened to my body caused any part of me to look ugly.


One nice thing about my ex husband is that he always loved the look of the body that made his son. My boyfriend just loves my body. You can look at your body and pick out every thing that's wrong with it and guys just aren't like that. Part of loving a woman's shape is loving what that shape allows her to be capable of.

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The entire body, breast included go through many changes. I would check with a doctor to see what level of exercise he would recommed based on how a pregnancy is going , and how far along you are.

The stretch marks are pretty much unavoidable. Some of us will have them worse than others.

I would suggest being sure you use a good supportive bra during your pregnancy because the breast are going to become heavier and fuller. Your breast will definitely be different after pregnancy, but I would not say ugly or horrible.

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As a male, and one who has never had a wife go through this, I can't really comment on how the body changes. But I can say that in your husbands mind it won't matter. He will find your breasts and your body just as beautiful as ever because he loves you, no matter what changes your body goes through over the years.

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