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Not wanting to damage a healthy friendship but seeking more


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I work as a bank clerk in my local town and there's a colleague of mine who I spend time with during my breaks and have been getting to know well.

At the moment the friendship is strong but won't get any stronger unless I try to advance things. This is something I want to do, but whilst a rejection wouldn't turn us into sworn enemies, it would make things awkward and may stop her wanting to spend time with me.


So two things really: how do I make it clear that I see her as more than a friend and how do I do it in a way that lends itself to damage limitation?


I thank you all in advance!

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I'd say start by haveing a few casual hang outs (which you've been having at your break times) have a few outside of work. If you can do that, than that opens the doors to moving forward as well as gives you a chance to get to know her outside of work and vice versa. This will tell you how easily this could move forward, or not.

I don't think you should make it clear that you see her as more than a friend till you do the above first. that way you can limit any ackwardness.

good luck

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