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So this is how it's done...


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This is going to be a somewhat long post, but I still want comments on it, and I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read it.


Friday was most interesting, although today wasn't bad either. This is referring to the girl I talked about in this post on the third paragraph:


Anyway, I'm keeping my eyes open. The new semester started and the old one finished. Last semester there was another girl which was noticing me. I know this because she was playfully teasing me a few times (to get my reaction I assume). Well, this semester she is also in the new class that I have. On a few different occasions I noticed that she was giving quick glances toward me. We have never talked and I don't know anything about her. In the class we don't really sit by each other, but we usually have lots of free time. What's a good way to make some progress here (aka - starting to talk to each other)?


Anyway, on Friday I had to stay after school because of a basketball game I had to go to. I have to be honest, I thought it would be boring as heck to stay after and wonder around with nothing to do (I had to wait for around an hour and a half). Then, to my surprise I saw her with two of her friends. So what happened was that she said this:

"Hey, you in my computer class?" I said yes. Then she said something that got to me. She said "I've good news, I'm switching out of it!"

Now, these two sentences she said really surprised me because:

A) I got kinda ticked because that's the only class she had with me... and

B) Why would she say, "I've good news"? Did she want my reaction? (Am I overthinking it? I dunno, because, again, she doesn't KNOW me, why would she be so open in telling me this?) I think it's true because she almost doesn't know me at all.


Then, as I was passing by, I asked her why she was switching out and she said that she didn't like it/too hard.

I was still circling around the hallways and then I saw her again. (Note that at this point I'm still disappointed that she was switching out.) We passed by eachother and they went around a curve. All of a sudden, her friend comes back and yells out around the curve this as I'm moving away from them, "[girl's name] has a crush on you!" That was the most unexpected thing I've heard, and to tell you the truth, it made the day a little better and gave me lots of hope.


Eventually I saw them in the hallway again, but this time we didn't just pass eachother. I actually went to talk to her. She did seem shy at first and didn't want to turn around. However, we had a good little conversation between the two of us. I asked what class she was taking in the place of computers, and she told me. Again, as we don't know eahother, I introduced myself to her, and she introduced herself to me. She eventually had to leave the building, so I said that it was nice meeting her, she said the same.



^That was Friday^



Now about today:

Today my goal was to ask her if she wanted to hang out. I was really set on doing this before school started, but it didn't happen because I saw her way too late when there were way too many people in the hallways (we had like 5 minutes before the bells rang).


I wouldn't give up there though (remember that since she switched out, I almost don't see her at all. I have to work extra hard to come in contact with her, which hopefully doesn't sound stockish). I knew where she would be at one point in time and I took advantage of that and I tried meeting her. I did see her and we did talk for a short time again (since we were both going to our classes). I asked her if she wanted to hang out after school tomorrow since I was free. She actually said that she has an afterschool activity and gave me the specific reason. I think it's fair to say it's not an excuse. I asked her about Friday and she said maybe.


Now I'm again put in a difficult situation because I don't see her often, and the conversation we had wasn't specific enough as to what we're going to do. So I'm wondering:

Should I try to talk to her when I get the chance to see her again, probably in the morning?


For everyone that read this post: Thank you for your time in doing so. I appreciate it.


This is the best chance I've had, and I REALLY don't want to blow it.


What do you think?

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You know, complications always occur. See, now asking her out wouldn't be a problem if I actually found a convenient place for that (aka - if she was still in that class where we had plenty of free time).

And when I feel uncomfortable about asking a girl out, there would be plenty of opportunities.


I guess I'll have to make opportunities.

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I have to admit though, I do remember having some scary thoughts of her switching out when I first went into that class (lots of people, after all, do tend to switch their classes as the new semester starts, I have done it as well). I never thought much on it, but it did pass through my mind. It was the worst thing that could happen, I thought then.

Well, now it did happen, but I don't remember being so lucky in terms of what actually happened to me after that.

The more I think about it, the more I realize what a special day Friday was. It was a GOLDEN day.

Seriously, if I had not stayed after on Friday, I would have lost the opportunity of all contact with her (I very rarely stay after, and I guess she doesn't stay after school often either). That happening was just a hair away. It's just huge luck, I guess. Now things are so much more different because of that day, and for the better.


However, how things go from here on is a totally different story.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

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I’m gonna be totally honest here, and about today. It has got to be the worst day I’ve had in about a half year.

Yesterday I was all optimistic and hopeful about today. I made a plan, and I followed through today. My plan was that since she’s always with her other friends, I’d just get the courage and walk up to them all and just talk to her. I’m proud to say that I did do that (it wasn’t easy, but it’s basically the only thing I’m proud of having done today).

So I did walk up to them (I was relaxed on the outside, I thought). From the beginning I knew something wasn’t right. The first thing she said was that she’s in a hurry. Then she turned around and shuffled through her locker, and then I asked her if she still wanted to hang out with me. She said she can’t today. I told her whenever she’s free. She said that she’ll let me know when she’s free, in a snotty way, in front of her friends.

What the * * * * was that?

I have to admit that ten minutes after that I didn’t give much of a care of what had happened. I just knew that I walked up to her and asked her. But after I was through my little moment of pride, it really got to me.


I don’t want to sound harsh or unhopeful of myself, but I think I’ll just leave the whole dating-seeking stuff and just look after my grades. Maybe in college I’ll have more luck, because today was a day where everything else seemed to go bad. I can’t believe that I was so confident of how this was all going to turn out yesterday, and today it all flipped around. I just don’t want to have a day like today ever again.


It was like a freaking drama scene from a movie. How does that happen...?... From having a friendly conversation on Friday - to this? What a wonderful way to start the new month.


I still believe in myself and what I did, but the snotty response (in front of people I don't even know) was totally shocking.

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Her shyness may have made her react that way in front of her friends - not that I'm excusing the way that she spoke to you. However I think you've got the right attitude - you've been brave enough to ask her out even when her friends were around, it's her problem if she can't respond nicely.

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It was very hard to do. It's the first time in my life that I've done it (some good came out of it (the fact that I could do it), but in the big scheme of things, it revealed what was totally unexpected).

I guess what made me do it was my thinking of approaching her and her friends by their lockers much like I approach my friends by their lockers.


I pretty much don't see her at all during the day unless I want to, so I guess I can say that it's sadly over. Whoa. And I know she's not gonna make an effort.


I'm still shocked at how it all flipped. Can't believe it.


By the way, thanks for the support.

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