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Possible interest?


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Okay, so I work with this girl and noticed lately that she is touching my back or arms when I am at her desk discussing her computer issues. It is kind of a light brush not a squeeze or anything. The other day she brushed my back with her hand when she was walking by and then decided to chit chat for a while. It didn't seem like a quick brush, but more of a lingering one.


Last week we both went to a friend's birthday party and while I was standing at the bar with her, she just grabs my right arm and starts holding onto it as if she were cold or something. I am not clueless or anything, but would a casual friend just do that or would it mean that she has a bigger interest in me.


At work, she is usually all business, so it is harder to read her since we haven't done much outside socializing.


What do you guys think?

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I agree with Dannygirl in the above post. It appears to me that her touching you is a gentle encouragement on her part indicating interest in you. If I were you , I would try the asking her if she cared to get a drink after work one evening.

I also agree with Kaia, in that keeping and open eye to see if she does this touching with everyone, or whether its just with you. If she does it with others as well, then maybe she is just one of those people that likes a friendly gesture of a little touch when talking to some one.

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Some people tend touch others unconscienously or if they feel really comfortable with the someone they are talking with, so like coolgirl said it would be a good idea to observe her among others at work. You should spend sometime with her away from work also, get to know her better outside the employment environs.


Well good luck.

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