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What Is My Ex's Purpose??

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Hey guys! Well if you don't know my story by now, my ex broke up with me in sept. I am now in a relationship and my ex questioned me until I told him that I have a new boyfriend. Anyway yesterday the ex called me to ask questions about my new relationship. He was asking how serious me and him are, how long have we been goin out, if he goes to my school. So I told him that it is not any of his concern. Anyway he asked me what is the big deal of him knowing and I said I do not want to discuss my relationship. Basically we ended up talking about our relationship and I told him that he pushes people away that love him the most and that one day he will realize what he lost because no female will do the things I did for him and then he goes "ditto." Anyway, what is the purpose of him asking me these questions? Then he said when my little relationship ends then maybe me and him can do something. So I told to him not call me to ask questions about me and my boyfriend and that he should only call when he realizes what he lost (which will probably be never). I feel like I am still battling with these feelings for him. He calls and I try not to answer, but I eventually do. This is frustrating, help guys!

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Hey Cap!


He is still trying to control the situation by calling you and asking questions. But my advice to you is not to answer when he calls. If your phone rings and you are not familiar with the number...don't answer. If it is important, the caller will leave a message. Don't feed into his immature antics by answering his questions. Good luck and take care.

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tryyyyyyyyy to not answer his calls. you dont want to lose or jeopardize the relationship youre in now also. he sounds like a great guy and if he knew your ex wanted to pursue something later with you...it might make me feel bad that why are you talking to him about things like that.

forget him and move on. he will, if he hasnt already, realize that he lost someone that was great. his loss. just dont give him the satisfaction that he bothers you.

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I'm with Kell on this, he's yesterday's garbage. After you put your trash out and it gets picked up, do you sit around and wonder where it is right now? No, so don't waste time on trying to figure this guys intentions. Make him realize now, not one day what he's missing. Focus on what you have not on what you had. Go NC and cut him off. His comments were a blatant attempt to undermine your current relationship.


His arrogance and egotistical comments truly show who he is. He probably has a mirror on his bathroom ceiling so he can watch himself gargle.



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I agree with Dannysgirl.. he just wants reasurance.


Its possible he misses you.


If you going to talk to him, don't say..."till you figure out what you lost"... tell him you aren't interested in him in that manner and if he wants to be your friend stop acting like...well...a girl. The way you say it sounds like you want revenge, which is not good either.


Good luck with the new guy...

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