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Just want some suggestions.


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hi all, just a brief introduction. I am just 20 and havent been to any relationship before, probably due to some commitment phobia. But I've overcome my weaknesses already and ready for a relationship regardless of anything. Anyway, long story short, recently a new girl came to my workplace, and I have the feelings that she is attracted to me. First day itself she seems about asking me about my personality and relationships life. So I must guess she is a little attracted to me. On the 2nd day of work, she ask me out for movie SOMETIME, then of course I give her my number. OK, I am a little naive here, I thought she would called me when she is free. Then on the 3rd day of working, she ask me to go to work with her together, but i've already on my way there. And then end of the night we spend supper time together and had a good laughter and chat. A little sparks. 4th day she called me again to go with her, I was held with meeting, so I rejected her call(is that bad??). But I call her back to apologize. And then end of the night we went for a walk near the river. She ask me for drink, we went to bar. We chat and drink, got almost pretty drunk. And nothing happens. What does that means? I think she is already into me, and right now I wanna give myself and her a chance. What would be my appropriate next step? Please advice. Thank you

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