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My second try at a poem..


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My friend has her "1 year" as she calls it coming up. All I know is she was drugged, I don't know more but i respect her privacy. I plan on giving her a little gift and then I wrote this .. let me know what you think.


I know nothing can completely restore your faith,

I can only hope to remind you,

That you are strong for you,

This marks a year since your trust was betrayed.

I still can't believe what people will do.


Really it is quite remarkable,

You are stronger then you know.

You may still be weary of the night,

But really who isn't somehow?

There is no shame in wearing your fears

It is simply less to hide.


You have someone to love you,

For now and forever

But beyond your eventual groom,

You have friends,

To pull you through the gloom


If you need an ear to listen,

Or a shoulder to cry on

If I am needed I'll always be near.

You have helped me a lot,

This passing year

Thanks for being a friend.

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