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I did something stupid, now im confused

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well, been with curent girl for about 1.5 years and things have been ok, but recently she has been moved around in her family and now lives with her grandmother. I am with my parents and they won't allow anything in thier house. neither will her grandmother. She also has no car and because of jobs/school we dont see each other but a few hours aday.


Ok now my problem. before my current girl I dated a girl who is more physically attractive than my current girl (my current is still quite attractive). We broke up and sorta remained friends. The other night she called and I went to her house to say hi and talk for a few minutes. Well it went from casual conversation to flirting with each other and talking about doing some seriously bad things. BTW she also has a boyfriend who is out of town. We ended up feeling each other up and kissed (not for long). we promised no one would here about what had happened.


I just feel so stupid and am not sure what to do, but have e-mailed her telling her how I now feel guilty and what we did was stupid....


Well, we'll see what happens... (any advise would be appreciated)

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One question should basically sum this up: How would you feel if this situation was reversed?


* Comparing you physically to one of her ex-boyfriends.


* Cheating on you with that ex-boyfriend.


I am in no way judging you, but you should consider what it might be like to be on the other end of this. This is a rotten way to treat anyone and I'm hoping that you make a decision before things get worse.

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Im sorry I seemed "shallow" and such but things have not been fantastic between me and my current, and I have talked with the other girl and we have both decided that yes what we did was wrong.


and the part about the physical appearance is not something anyone can help, I would love it if the girl I was dating was the most beautiful girl I had ever met, although I do treat her so. Thats life though. Some people are more attractive than others, I am not judging her, just trying to place a reason on why this happened.


Lastly, everyone makes mistakes, some small some big. I do feel at least I was on the right side in that we stopped doing anything before things went any farther than they did. NOT saying that what I did was right, just admiting my mistake.

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Stop throwing yourself a pity party and get over it. YOU cheated on your GF and YOU have to face that. You don't deserve pity, you deserve your GF anger and you have no right to expect us to be sympathetic.


You want a possible reason you cheated, you've placed too much importance on a shallow aspect of your relationship. mouse_potato is right your GF should be the most beautiful person in the world and not because of her face.

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