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A very bad day after 2 months...

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Hello all,


It's been 2 months since he broke up with me (no physical contact for 1 month, and LC), and I was doing great for the past 2-3 weeks. But something happened, and this weekend I've been terribly down.


I went to an IMAX theater to watch a movie (alone), which happened to be where we went for our first date... Then while cleaning my inbox, I saw his emails from 6 months ago, when he was head over heals for me... Then I started to think "I know this guy loved me, WHAT HAPPENED???" and I couldn't sleep all night tonight; I thought I was done thinking about him, and that I was indifferent to getting back together, but this morning I'm miserable again.


I have to go to work in a few hours and I have class until 9 PM tonight. No sleep and he's on my mind, good memories and break up memories haunting me. What happened? I thought I was over it and moving on... I prayed all night so he'd get out of my mind and I could sleep, but nothing.... Today is going to be a very bad day....

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You could try to avoid going to places that remind you of him and put all the things that belongs to him into to the store room. Out of sight is out of mind.


Write your feeling down if it makes you feel better.

Do something that need a lot of mind thinking. These will temprorary get him of your mind. For example, you could do some reading or play some games.


I hope this will help you out.

I hope your day will turn out fine.

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octopus, I too think of the reminders when he loved me ever so uch, and it was just last night that i burst intotears thinking about all the times he would express his devotion to me.

Just because it seeems we are taking steps back in the healing road, does not mean we wont continue to move forward and take care of ourselves.


In a way we could embrace the fact that we are experiencing such a spectrum of emotions and capable of having so much love for another. Imagine how wonderful things will be when that love is returned by someone worthy of it.

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Can you help but think "What happened to all those great feelings we shared?". He was head over heels, he loved me, I know it. WHat happened, where did it go wrong? Is it over FOREVER? Is there absolutely no hope, even for one year down the road? This is going to kill me. I was doing soooo well, but this week I'm a wreck.

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Oh yes octopus, thats probably what triggers all the tears, the fact that he loved me so much actually makes me smile instead. but when i think about those questions even he himself could not answer than i get into a head spin.

but after my good cry i think of it this way; asking those questions to myself arent going to bring me any good whatsoever. i pooled all my energy into them for two consecutive months, and i was drained physically and mentally, bordering on needing medication for it.


i recentely was doing so well, then by seeing him at college i got upset all over again. it happens.

but we are going to get through this coz we rock! feel free to PM me any time, I know exactly how you feel

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