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my bf and i have been together for over a year. He recently broke up with me a couple of days ago after we had a massive argument. I called him the next day pleading and crying because i didnt want him to break up with me. If you read my previous posts you will all realise how attached i was to this guy, however this is whats scaring me.. i dont seem to care that much anymore, i was fine all day today, im even thinking about changing my number so i dont hear from him ever again This is soooo unlike me, im really confused! why am i being so careless, i loved this guy to death..am i in denial??

Someone please help me and any advise given will be greatly appreciated.


Anyone been any in similar situation??

Thanks in advance.

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No one can really tell you how long it takes for you to be ok and wether the length of time is normal but if you have been with him in a long term realtionship and all the sudden you feel just great about it I guess its kindda of weird unless you guys had a really bad relationship and you guys were already living the break up period during the relatinship. In any case just take it easy and see what happens and if you start to feel like your feelings are changing work from there only you can figure out what to do about them wether its getting back together or just staying strong and getting through it.

Hope I was of some help

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