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Okay Ill try to make it short and sweet... TRY... well there is this girl I met in August... we are both 20. I got her number and we started texting and eventually calling one another. Got to know each other reasonably well and everything. She was recently out of a relationship and wasnt wanting to get into a relationship again soon. I told her I was cool with that and just wanted to get to know her better. She said she was afraid that I would change the way I felt about her after saying that to me. I'm pretty sure she could tell I was into her, and I know she was interested in me as well. I complimented her and kept in contact basically everyday and had alot in common. Eventually we started casually hanging out, but it wasn't too many times later after we first started doing so that alot of chemistry arrived lol. Anyways, I kissed her when we were just on a drive one time and the night went really well. The next few times being around each other things excelled onward and became making out... started seeing each other 3 times a week or so throughout november but still we weren't exclusive or anything, even though I would have liked to have been. It's just what she told me at the beginning of out "relationship" threw me off and made me second guess alot of things. Eventually things got weird... family issues came up with her and we didnt talk so much and almost never saw one another... But not the last few days or so we have been talking more... my question for all of you is what do I do differently this time, I dont want things to just repeat. I'm pretty sure she has feelings for me, but I dont know what to say to her, or how to go about developing this relationship with her. I really know her, we have alot of chemistry and I DO really like her. I couldnt stop thinking about her and wanted to call her the whole time we weren't really talking, but I wanted to give her space...what do I do? Does this sound familiar?

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Talk with her. Open and honest communicate your concerns, as well as your feelings. Ask her what she needs right now. She may need to continue to take things slow, or maybe she is feeling more ready for a relationship. You won't know where's she at with all of this until you talk.


Make sure to talk face to face, it's always better that way. You could ask her to go for a walk, so that you have some privacy.


It may help you to write down everything you are thinking and feeling, so that you have some clarity before you meet with her.

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I believe it is possible she feels I do not take her seriously. But I also think that it might confuse her if I make that clear to her by coming right out to her about it. This would be bad because I believe confusing is what caused us to stop talking the first time... so I really want to do things perfect and make her more comfortable for both of us... has anyone been in a situation portraying anything close to mine?


I don't know if that sways any opinions but I would be thankful for any further advice...

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