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Good ol' hickeys ey.. lol

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alright so... i just noticed last night my neck was covered with hickies

im really scared wat reaction the school is going to have when i go in tomarow.. because there really big..lol ive tried everything from ths Comb trick to the frozen spoon one..ergh... i just dont want every 1 to be starin at my neck any tips?

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hehe, I remember when that uesed to happen to me, I had to go to work and school with hickies on my neck! LOL But there are ways to make it look less noticeable such as using foundation, powder and any other form of covering make up, depending on the whether you can wear a scarf, Do you have long hair? If you do you can cover it with your hair. Do you have tops that cover your neck?


LOL good Luck!!

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