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Since We've Been Apart


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Things need to change

I need to get a grip

I need to open my eyes

before I trip and slip

I hate this uncertainty

My life seems to hold

Because the pain of not knowng

Beling left in the cold

Is a whole lot worse

Once you've felt the sun

It's so much worse

Once you've been loved by one

I try to keep busy

So the lonliness isn't as bad

But even the littlest things

Can still make me so sad

A hint of his cologne

Amongst a crowded mall

The writing of his name

On a bathroom wall

It's been three years

But I will never forget those kisses

I'll never forget

Those starry nights and wishes

I wish I could get a break

Erase it from my mind

Then maybe, just maybe

I can leave it all behind

I need to grab ahold

Before I slip and fall

I need someone to come

And break down this stone wall

That's surrounded my heart

Since we've been apart

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I always enjoy your writing shorty. This one hits close to home. When you have been with someone, even the smallest thing can remind you of them, and cause all the feelings to come rushing back. You never forget what you had and you wonder if something like that will come again. I hope the wall can come down, it just takes the right person.

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