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13 and want to ask out some who is older


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How do you know her, and why do you want to ask her out? Maybe a little more information on her can help us help you figure out if she'll laugh at you or stop talking to you.


I have to say, I've never heard of a 13 year old boy dating a 17 year old girl. I can't say I think it would be a good match.

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Just an instinct on my part, but I feel you should stick with the girls closer to your age. You might be mature for your age, but I still suggest the girls closer to your age. My daughter encountered a young man that was about 14 that wanted to take her out when she was 17. It was just not a mutual thing on the age thing , and having the common interests at that age difference. And I am not trying to be rude, but just the age of a 13 year old , in a 17 year olds mind seems like a kid a child. I dont know you but it just logically seems that girls 13 - 15 might be more accepting to you asking them out. I am just trying to help you avoid a possible rejection since there is quite an age difference.

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i went against BIGGG CONVENTIONAL THOUGHTS and i had to have defense comments ready when i feel head over heels for a guy one year younger than me. i was 15 and he was 14 when we started dating and i mean everyones cool with it but the jokes never end and i even call myself a pedofile as jkss. hey i know that age is really just a number and that often emotionally you often connect with people who are away from your age group. its just WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE is so different right now. shes thinking of university! and you are probably still in middle school. what you think is important right now is not what she worries about. there are tons of lil examples and you guys could be friends and maybe five years from now dating will be cool but rite now i think you would be heading for an embaressing but funny story to tell ten years down the road sorta thing. even if she does like you she would probably say no. look, if your situation is REALLY UNIQUE then maybe and if you feel that you need to get it off your chest (im like thatt) then go ahead but i think dating would be a horrible idea right noww.

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I actually know a situation where a boy of 14 dated a girl of 18. Looking at it from a distance it seemed to go well at first, however it fell apart after a couple of months, as they had nothing in common.


I think the key here, as with any relationship is shared interests and mutual respect.

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I'm just afraid if she did accept a date with you, within a year it would be illegal for her to date you (once she turned 18). This could end up very messy. I have to agree that even if you are mature for your age, it's wisest to stick with girls closest to your age.

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