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When to make a move while watching a movie....

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goddess - You'll find someone to hold your hand before you know it. Just have faith.


cleveland9 - Holding hands is good, but if you focus on having to hold your hand, thats going to make you more nervous and anxious about it. When I have thought about what I am going to do, planned it out, things never go as planned. So I really think the best thing is to just not think about it and let things happen as they happen. If you are having a good time, are relaxed, that hand will start to creep into hers without you really having to think about it. These things happen when the time is right.

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yeah i think you definatly can't plan it too much cuz that'll make things go wrong. i'd say just start by holding hands and gradually start touching or squeezing her hand more. then move so more of your bodies are touching. then...(this one won't work for every girl but sometimes it works amazingly) in the really romantic moment, if you're a little stuck, just tickle her or somethin to make her laugh. doing this really loosens up the feeling and sometimes will break the ice.

but in reality, there are thousands of ways to do this, just go with it and don't plan! because the greatest moments are never those that you can see coming and plan step by step...they're the moments that just happen because of this amazing chemestry and magic.

hope this helps

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