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Another question about this guy!!!!!

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Yep like the title says I have another question relating to this guy im seeing. He came over last night and we hung out and we resolved our issue we were having.. But anywaze last night was the first time we really kissed, I mean we have kissed a few times before but this time it as more like making out... Anywaze okay this is rude and i know it but it was really bad!! It seemed like I was the first girl he has ever made out with (which im not).. How do i fix this? Do I tell him about it? He is 17 im 18 (almost 19 ) Also he is a virgin, Im not... And that makes it weird for me for some reason!!!!

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Well, speaking as a guy with very little (zero) experience in that kind of thing, I gotta reccomend that you tell him what he's doing wrong and show him how to do it right. Just be sure you approach the subject gently, some people might be defensive about those subjects.

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I kinda think if you tell him he's a bad kisser that it will make him self conscious and not want to kiss you anymore. With me, when a guy was doing something I didn't like when we were kissing I'd just pull away, then smile or something cute like that... then I'd lean back in and we'd start again. Eventually they get the hint that you're pulling away every time they do that certain thing. Also, instead of telling him what you don't like, tell him what you DO like. I've found that very helpfull. If he's inexperienced, just give him time. He may have been nervouse because he really likes you and didn't want to mess up (like he obviously did, lol) Just have fun with it... but DON"T tell him he's a bad kisser. That will make him pull away, and probably not want to kiss you at all. Just enforce the good things.. if he does something you like, make sure you tell him "hey, I liked it when you did that" or, you could just say "you know what I really like?" and tell him what you'd like him to do when he's kissing you. It will be a learning experience. Good luck.

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I remember I had my kissing criticized once years ago. I got really offended and said I'd never touch her again. Of course, a huge fight erupted and I felt like a jerk. Well, I eventually came to my senses, apologized and she offered to give me another shot at practicing. So we practiced for a couple hours - which BTW, was A LOT of fun lol - and afterwards, she said I got much better. So, maybe telling him what he's doing wrong, but allowing him the chance to get better is a good solution? I dunno, but it worked for me and my first girlfriend. *shrugs*

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it's so obvious that nobody wants to get criticized by the way they kiss.. I mean, your gf tells you, to a person that should be the perfect person to kiss her, that nope, she hates when you do that. The guy won't kiss again.. that's just big no-no because that's exactly what everyone wants to be good at and definitely don't want to get rejected by someone they should be intimate with. It's like saying "sex with you suck". It at least won't work after you say that.

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