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OKay, men out there, you might be able to tell me what my ex may be trying to tell me because then males mind is very difficult to understand in a womens prospective...


Well, some of you know my boyfriend left me a week ago from...TODAY. I still ove the boy and I know I know, is it possible for me to be inlove at 16, YES, believe me...iv felt it, first guy to be in love with, and first guy to ever CRY over....believe me, this is love...and its awesome, and yet I cant have it...


Point is...he left me saying that "He has alot of stress in his life, one being the responsibilities of a relationship, and he dosent want them right now." He also told me, "We may have a future, and we may not." None the less, the day after we broke up, he called from his school and when we got off he told me he loved me and since then he hasnt said it. He says he still misses me and etc. Since HE broke up with ME, I told him not to take it the wrong way but that he should call me so I dont stress him out, or contact me when he pleases because im not willing to screw up anything if we have a future together...possibly.


But on my side of the story, I have given myself the thought of, "Right now, do things with yourself, friends, and family and have fun. If he does want you back, GREAT! Youll be happy with yourself and im sure he will be happy with himelf too. But if not, oh well, you have yourself and your future ahead of you."


NOW! For the questions men...please awnser.

1. Is he using the break up and "possible future" as an excuse maybe? For instance, he breaks up with me to find someone and once he does he says, I told you we MAY have a future, and apprently we dont anymore...or something like that.


2. Im I doing the right thing for him and myself?


3. Is he as upset as I am about the break up because, I literally have the feeling of "having my heart ripped from my chest?"


4. Do you think he truly does still care about me and is maybe telling the truth. (He never lied at all, or very little, becase I cant remember him lying to me at all.)


If I come up with anymore questions, ill edit this page so keep looking. MEN HELP ME! IM A YOUNG CHICK AND AHHHH I NEED HELP!

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He seems to not want to commit to a relationship at the very least. However, he does seem to want to leave the door open, just in case. This is known as "having your cake and eating it too". He gets to call you whenever he wants, he can see you if he wants, he can come and go freely. In the end, you get nothing but hurt.


Not saying he's doing it maliciously. Many breakups evolve into this pattern. You need to decide what's fair for you and go with it. So,


1. Possibly

2. Who cares if it's right for him. It's not right for you.

3. Doesn't seem like he is. But, you can't really know.

4. I'm sure he cares about you, but not enough to have a relationship with you.

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Take it from a 28yr guy, at your age were soooo incredibly immature when it comes to women that we do many stupid and hurtful things that we later regret.


The whole "we may have a future we may not" routine is pretty classic like the post above wrote it's having your cake and eating it too. I'm sure he still cares about you but his friends are probably filling his head with all that he's missing. More than likely he has getting back with you as plan B.


My advise is to have fun focus on yourself, friends, family and possibly find someone new. Trust me if you tell him you're seeing someone new he'll realize what an idiot he is and want you back again. And yes you are doing the right thing, i'm sure he does care about but not nearly as much as u care for him, and no i dont think he's as upset about breakup as u, yet. Wait til u start dating someone new, then he'll be upset. Hope this helps

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