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I had a dream,

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I want your opinions on a really strange dream i had last night. This is only the 3rd dream i actually remember, but i really need an interpretation.

I was wearing black, and a long black leather coat. I was walking by myself at sunset accross a field of long grass at the top of a cliff. It was warm and i could smell the scent of the grasses. I was talking to the wind, like it was god. I asked him why im alone, why i cant have a life the way i want it.

His answer was this, He said i was a creature of heaven, an outcast angel. He said that people cant be near me, because people cant be near heaven until they pass over. Im here to help people, but i must sacrifice my own needs to help them, and its because i dont understand that, that i cant be in heaven.

I just dont understand it! Am i being punished? Its so odd, i have never felt such truth in a dream.

What would you all do?


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Do you normally feel like you are an outcast or are misunderstood? If so, the dream makes sense. It's not that you are being punished. In the dream you are basically being told that you need to help others and that is what God wants of you. That is a very noble thing and what I personally think God wants of us anyway. I think that maybe inside of you there is a conflict, of wanting to help others and then feeling like when you do you are punished or miss out on something. Like you give and sacrifice, but don't seem to get anything from it?


Helping others is a noble goal and something that we should all do. Maybe you should listen to the dream. Just don't sacrifice to the point you feel you have nothing.


PS. Nice avatar. Did you do that yourself?

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