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I told my boyfriend a week ago today that I had talked with my sister about getting my clitoral hood pierced and he was so happy about it. We kept talking about it and I have him REALLY thinking about getting his stuff pierced too..


Anyway, yesterday I went and got it done. I had read all about it and some people said it hurt like hell and some said that it didn't hurt at all. I'll be honest. The actually piercing part didn't hurt for me, it was when they used the clamps to get the skin.


and Pleasure. Holy * * * *. I had to walk down to the CVS near the house and get the cleaner stuff and I swear I had like 3 orgasms walking about 4 blocks. and steps are the best lmao.


Seriously, it's definitely worth the little pain that I had from getting it and I haven't felt pain in it at all since. This little thing is amazing!

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lol I never thought I would ever do it either but my sister said she was and she asked if I would do it too with her and I had to think about it. I finally decided to definitely do it after I talked to my boyfriend and he was so excited about it and I got really really excited to.


She wasn't planning on going until she got her income taxes back but she ended up making like 200 dollars during work one night so she decided to call me and ask it wanted to go yesterday and we did.


I'm so excited waiting to be able to show my boyfriend tonight. But it sucks though because I'm not supposed to have sex for a month and Valentine's Day is in like 2 weeks. Oh well. We'll just have to wait.


and about the part about orgasms in class, when I have them, (not to be gross or graphic) but I don't make noise, I only squirm and arch my back so no one will even notice lmao.

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