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behaving toward me like I was an ex

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Well, about a year ago, there was this girl I had a mighty crush on. And I got her number, and called, but had to leave a message because she had her cellphone off, and back then I didn't know that when I attempted to call, it wouldn't show as a missed call, b/c it was off, so I left the message asking how she was and how her trip had been (this was after that winter break) but then asking her to call back so maybe we could go out some time. She never called back, and started behaving all weird and ignoring me. I even thought she talked trash about me with her friends, and it irritated me how someone could have such horrid manners. Then later, towards the very end of the year, I kept running into her, and she kept giving me weird looks. So, I ignored her.



This year I saw her once the 2nd day of school, then once right before winter break, and she still was behaving pretty much the same. But then, this weekend, I saw her on Friday, but hopefully she didn't see me because it was really dark… And then yesterday, I went to take the SAT II, and they sent me to some school very far away, and there she was. She was staring at me as she arrived, with some weird face that didn't look very happy, but then again that's what she looked like when she wasn't with her friends. I just kept a poker face and pretended I didn't know her. As we entered the building, I noticed she was standing next to me, but not looking at me. I would've said something just to seem like the bigger person, and to clear the air or something but I didn't know what to say… I didn't even know if it was necessary. A really awkward situation, but I kinda felt like she was pissed at me, when if anything I'm the one who should be pissed (well, not really, because it's been a while already). So, what's up with that?

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I don't really feel bad... I just thought it was too weird. And Yes, I agree with you. The thing is, that I guess it would've been awesome to show that I'm much better/cooler/whatever than her by saying hi or something... It's just more mature, I guess. Not that I'm interested in her anymore, that's for sure...

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