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Had this ever happen to u?

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I don't know if it's the right category but..

Have u ever had this kind of situation, when I'm close whit this girl I'm felling fine good, but when I'm home I want to be close, she is always in my mind, I can't stop thinking about her but when I'm close to her I'm speechless can say any word about my fellings that I have for her, when I'm alone I always think about her.

I work with her nearly every day.

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Yep, happened to me tons of times.


Yo either pluck up the guts and start talking to her, or someone else will.


If she rejects you then your out of your mysery for good. If she likes/accepts you then it's the best thing you done for yourself in a long time!


good luck



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it's called falling for someone and you need to act and ask her out. It's the old 'frozen deer in the headlights' syndrome when you meet and it's why you can't talk to her.


Putting yourself on the line isn't easy as you may get rejected but it's harder than facing every day knowing that you never told her, that you missed out because you were scared, and now someone else has her.

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Pony up my friend. No excuses, there's no time for that. Don't lean on the outcome and don't let all those emotions out at once. That could be a deal breaker. After all, she doesn't know that you have an eternities worth of damned up feeling just waiting to spill over. Just wait till you have a private moment and ask. Make sure you have an excuse to exit after you've finished the conversation too. It makes things much more comfortable for both of you no matter what the outcome. If you get a non-committal answer just keep after it in a casual way. If she looks at you like you're nuts then she's probably got issues and isn't worth your time. After all, why would someone act offended at the proposition of a good night out? If they are in any fit state to function in society they won't do that.

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Well i took it slowly, well it was nice, very nice indeed we talk much abort lots of stuff ect..

Well the hardest thing was in saying something but I done it, I said that I like her more then other. Well she was thinking this same about me. Now the ball is on my side and I will not waste it this time.

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