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His condom broke inside of me


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So yesturday I was making love with my boyfriend and we did it like 3 times with condoms. I'm always aware that when he comes, he comes outside of me. One time, he came inside of me and the condom broke. I'm totally freaked out.

A friend told me that three days after losing the period is the best days to have sex because getting pregnant it's very hard that time. I lost my period three/two days ago. And I'm taking the 72 hours after pill today. or should I take them tomorrow?

Anyway, I'm totally freaked out. Now I have to wait like another month to see if my period is normal.

Any similar situation? What should I do?

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People's bodies are unpredicatable, a women can ovulate at any time and get pregnant at any time during her cycle.


Take the MAP as soon as possible as the others said.


Good luck and keep us updated.


Are you on a regular birth control pill?


Maybe it's something to consider.

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Take the MAP NOW.


Actually, after your period ends can be one of the most fertile times. Say you have a 6 day period, many women ovulate on Day 14. So when you end your period, you are on Day 6. You have sex on Day 9. Sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days, and thereforeeee when you ovulate, they are there waiting.


However, a woman can also ovulate much sooner, or much later, twice a cycle, or not at all. Not odds you want to play around with.


Anyway, the MAP should be taken as soon as possible, waiting reduces the chances of it working. And you should consult your doctor and discuss getting on some birth control in addition to using condoms.

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I was worried about this same thing and did some research on the internet. I had sex with a woman and she had her period the next day. From what I read, the most likely time is 14 days after your period. My question is how soon does a woman know she is pregnant? If I get through this, I will never do it again. We all have to be responsible and not roll the dice. Sweetie, I hope you are not pregnant unless you want to be. I have two bestfriends with three kids. They are so happy, but the women are awesome and so are my friends. I can't imagine having a child with someone you don't love. That would be terrible. From here on out, I am only with women that I care about and will be safe. What is ecp? We all have to be more responsible. I would kill myself if the woman I had sex with had my child. She is just crass and not attractive as a person. I am not talking about looks. We just rushed into things and I just don't respect her because of her profanity and racist comments. Sorry but I like good people.

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ECP is the Emergency Contraception Pill...it just has different names everywhere..Morning After Pill, Plan B, etc.


I think the girl you slept with will unlikely be pregnant. Some women "know" almost immediately, but generally the tests won't be accurate and you won't know for sure until two weeks after conception (10 days maybe with earlier detection tests but they are also not as accurate at that point).


Anyway, if she had her period the next day, the risk is "fairly" low, as most women ovulate around midcycle (cycle begins day of period). Risk of ovulating during period is fairly minimal and low (though still possible!).


Good luck,and I am glad you learned to be more careful in the future!

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