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does it feel...?

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Erm yes and no.


Hard to explain but it varies depending on many factors. I mean like I dunno its too hard to explain. But in short, the following change how sex and masterbation feel;

- How comfortable you are with your partner

- What positions you do

- Many other things I cant be bothered to list and someone else can for me as im feeling lazy today (sorry)


But masterbation you do have 100% control over so you can do what you want at the speed you want so could prove better.


But in answer to your question no they dont feel the same but the same nerves are stimulated so they ARE similar.


And also don't feel embarased your 19 and avnt had sex. So what it dont make you any different from someone who isn't a virgin. Some people are 25 and havn't driven a car. That doesn't make them any less of a man. Thesethings should only be embarasing ifyou make them so. Be proud you havn't had sex and do what you thinks right when you think it is right. And remember never get pushed into anything your not 100% comfortable.

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No worries.


I was 23 when I finally got my 1st (and current) GF and started having sex. 19 is nothing!


Sex, hmm, well it gets wet when you put it inside a woman and it's more comfortable but with masturbation you do get more control.


Also a woman's vagina may not be as tight as you can make your hand so sometimes it can feel a little weird but once you get used to it, Sex is definitely the better option.



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I was 20 so no worries.


It can be just as good if not better. The man thing is that when having intercourse there is A LOT more excitement. Masterbation can`t even touch Oral so your missing out there, but in terms of sex and masterbation, the only real differences in feeling is the emotional attachment.


If you really work on it, and put your mind to it, you could achieve a better orgasim then with your sexual partner. So with that said, if you can find some sort of intimate attachment with whatever is on your mind, and really dive into your sexual fantasy, you could be having a great time!

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