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weird kissing!


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So I kissed a friend of a friend at a club a couple of weeks ago and he asked me to dinner. I said yes, but was a bit unsure as his appearance is not of the clean cut variety of guys I normally go for.


I had a great time on our date and afterwards he kissed me on the lips just once, which I thought was very sweet.


I spent some time with him again last night at a club with mutual friends and we had a great time dancing and kissing every now and then.


The kissing thing confuses me however, as he doesnt seem keen on long kisses - its always just one kiss on the lips, no tongues, barely any wettness at all... I'm not sure what to make of this! I go in for a bit of a longer kiss and he pulls back... I have no idea why! I don't think its that I'm a bad kisser or anything like that... could it be that he's trying not to rush the sexual side of things (he sees me as a 'good girl' as opposed to him being a 'bad boy') or what?? Any ideas?

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It sounds like he is being respectful. I think it is so funny when a woman questions a man for being respectful. I am guessing he really likes you. He is being totally respectful and I am guessing he really likes you. I can only say that because I know how I am. I will hit on a woman I like, but if I think she is conservative, then I will hold back. He probably respects you so much. Most guys want immediate gratification, but he seems to want more. I hope that is the case. If that is the case, then you have to show him affection. He is exercising restraint because he likes you. If you like him, then stick your tongue down his throat and caress his leg. You will know soon. It is so easy to respect a woman that you like. Unlike trying to get laid for the night, you want many nights and a lot of kissing and hugging. yes, that may be me, but most guys are not nice unless they truly like you.

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As Arrowsmith said, different people have different kissing styles. Try not to focus on how he kisses, but the feelings involved in the kiss.


Also, what is his personality? He may just be someone not comfortable kissing in public, or someone who is shy about kissing in general. If you want a longer kiss, let him know it. Hold him there, kiss longer and deeper.

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