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Is this some sort of tactic?


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A while ago I was into this girl but of course was very shy and didnt really talk to her too much until I lost my shyness and then subsequently acquired her msn. Anyways at first we started to talk and it came to the "who do you like" question. So after a while I asked her if she liked me and she just said "sorry your a cool guy but I have my eye on someone else". I was heartbroken and all so I didnt really even say hi to her at school. Anyways after a few days she was on msn and we started talking. This time however she seemed really happy and put up happy faces etc and she hadnt before. The strangest part was that she started to tell me all these things she knew about me. Such as the fact that my class was just accross from hers at the same time and she even knew what I was painting. I told my friend and he thought that she probably first was trying to make me jealous of other guys so I would come running to her or be more attracted. Anyone agree with my friends advice. It could also be that she is more interested in me now, or she is gaining an attraction, who knows?

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I think it might be both, they both sound plausible.. I say you keep it cool, don't run after her but be friendly. It might be because she didn't wanna make you feel bad and tried to be more friendly since you didn't say hi to her at school. Because girls like to be chased, thats why they won't usually say they're not interested, but insteadl they'll tease you and make you run after them just to show off other girls and get other boys.. At least that's what I think

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i disagree.. maybe she is shy like you...she's young, your age. i remember when i was about 12....i had the biggest crush on a boy, was madly in love with him and wanted to hang out with him whenever i could. i was best friends with his sister so we did play group games, like muder ball and stuff. anyway, one day i was home sick and his sister came in and told me that her brother wants me to go around with him.....means be his girlfriend. i said NO.. i was totally in love with this boy and i think everyone knew it. she looked at me, left and came back one hour later with the same question. as much as i wanted to say yes, i again said no. after that he went out with someone esle.. but everyone including me knew how much we liked each other... shy girls don't want to be chased or show off........most people can tell if someone is quiet or shy.. if she's not shy then i would agree with your friend and the legend.

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I dont mean to be egotistical or anything but I have been noticing that a lot of girls are attracted to me. Yesterday I was at this party and at the end all of these girls were all over me they hugged me and every one of them wanted me to kiss them on the forehead for some reason. So what im saying is that I believe that I am attractive to girls (ive heard a lot of them saying im cute) but I guess I just have to talk with them first. So in her case maybe she did have her eye on someone else before but then she realized one day that she was attracted to me (ive felt the same way)? I dont really know, do you think its best that I just keep talking to her?


Ps: Im not saying that all girls do it but why do a lot of girls have to play these mind games, is it so hard to really say the truth?

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k dude

this is what your situation appears to look like... I was in a similar position and I think I blew it for myself :S so i'm not letting you do the same! lol

ok so you may have a lot of other girlfriends who come up and give u kisses on your forehead. I remember in my situation, the girl I liked was in my class as well and she knows that I was close with these other girls from my old school....this is something that I felt she would be intimidated by, like she may not think you are attractive, but when she sees that you're getting attention from other women, it kinda makes her rethink about you which is cool.


ok, so what you have to do is the next time you see her (in person) just start talking to her, see if you can pick up signs of interest, but also remember not to be tricked by teasing and just trying to get with you for some random reason...Don't fall head over heels in front of her, but don't play it cool to the point where you just look uninterested...

see how she reacts to what you say and go from there.

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Thanks for the advice. The thing is that she wasnt at this party where the girls are so my guess is she just started to take an attraction. In the past two days I have noticed when I have looked in her direction or said hi when she is in a group, her and another girl seem to look down and giggle (not in a bad way that is). Than just today I was walking with her and her friend and whenever I would look over to them they would do this weird sort of smile shy type thing, dunno what it is but I think they were talking about me dunno. Good signs?

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