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What should I do about this?

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Ive been dating this guy for about 2 weeks now and like Ive wrote another post about this before but didnt get many replys but anywaze here's the deal... He never comes and sees me and we have only hung out like twice. Everytime I ask him to stop by something comes up. And its always has something to do with his car.. Well I decided to tell him that him not ever coming to see me made me upset, he apoligized and said he would try to last night well that didnt happen and when me and my friend went to cruise main he was up there. Then I came home about 2 in the morning and his friend calls me and he was at my bf's house hanging out and he asked if i was still made at shawn and all this and I said alittle. He told me just to give shawn time because he knows that he really likes me and that im all shawn talks about.. Today shawn was supposed to come over at 3 and well rite at 3 he txtd me sayin he couldnt come cuz his car wasnt running and he apologized again. And asked me to come up to his work tonight. I drove by there and his car was there. I didnt stop, I dunno, should I even waste my time going up there to see him or whats up with him.. Is he shy? cuz i dont understand if he likes me so much why we dont spend time together!!!

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I dunno......... Maybe he is shy, but this guy is really full of excuses, don't you think? If I were in your shoes, I'd let him contact me to set up a date. And if he canceled after that, I'd write him off and forget about him. If he's not reliable enough to show up when he says he's going to, then how can you possibly have a long-term relationship with him.

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I do agree he is filled with alot of excusses and like its annoying... I mean it is possible he might be shy because we rarley talk on the phone but yet he texts me alot... And he has hung out with me and my sister but its just when I ask him to come to my house there is a problem ya know? Im not ganna put up with it much longer though, if he dont come around within the next couple of days then its totally over!!

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Im 18 and he is 17... He told me his last relationship was in october and it ended cuz she cheated on him. See like Ive been going to his work for a long time now (its like my daily drink stop before work) and his friend (who also works there) told me like the first day we all actually started talking that shawn has always liked me and everytime i came threw he would go on and on about me.. I guess that really wouldnt relate anything to his shyness (if thats even what it is)... but anywaze I went up to his work tonight and went threw the drive threw and his friend came out and talked to me and got in the car so when i pulled up to the window i didnt get to talk to shawn that much cuz his friend kept talking real loud and stuff, and shawn just kinda acted hurt that he was in the car.. so when i got home i called his work to ask what time he got off and he's supposed to call me back when he gets off.. We'll see i guess

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