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I can't decide. Help!

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Okay this is a long post. It's a very confusing situation.


A while back i was posting here about a girl i liked for a very long time. We'll call her Girl1. Girl1 rejected me three times at school throughout 2005. The reason i kept trying was because despite rejecting me she kept txting me all the time and flirting with me lots. (read some of my previous posts). Eventually i came to the conclusion that she just thought i was a genuinely good guy, just not the kind she would date. There was a rumour going around for a while that she liked me but didn't tell me because she was going away to au for 5 months, but when i asked her about it, she said it wasn't true.

The day before she left she commented to me how much "it sucks how people you like never seem to like you back". I got the hint that she didn't like me. I told her i still liked her. Before i saw her for the last time before her trip she gave me a big hug. I was very depressed after she left.


About two weeks later i started to become very good friends with her best friend, Girl2. Over the last three weeks we have slowly advanced and she is now my girlfriend and we both like each other very much. She is the first girl i ever kissed and she is very sweet. She tells me i'm the best guy she's ever been with and that she likes me very, very much.


A week ago Girl1 returned from australia for a week. The plan was for her to go to australia for a month, come back for a week, go back to australia and take Girl2 (her best friend and my girlfriend) there for two weeks. Girl1 would then stay there for another 4 months, but Girl2 would come back after the two weeks, in time for university (the same university as me)


When Girl1 was coming back me and Girl2 were both wondering what Girl1 would think, because after all i had liked her for almost a year.

This is where things got weird. Girl1 was very annoyed when she found out. She was being a bit unpleasant to Girl2 and kept saying how weird it is that we're going out. She also said that me and girl2 must be perfect for each other because we both seem to get over people very quickly (girl2 just broke up with a boyfriend of 2 months about a month ago).


It turns out that Girl1 liked me the whole time, but "Didn't want to go there" with me. (What the hell is that supposed to mean?) She was at a number of parties that both me and Girl2 were at, and she kept flirting with me and "accidentaly" touching me. Of course Girl2 (my girlfriend) was very worried, she didn't want to have her best friend constantly flirting with her boyfriend. Girl1 has also made it clear that she does want to date me now, if i choose to do so. This caused an argument between Girl1 and 2, but i think that they're better now, and both think that i like Girl2 more.


I have told Girl2 that she doesn't need to worry, that i like her way more now than Girl1.


But that's not true. I like them both just as much and i don't know what to do. I feel like i should and i want to like Girl2 more, but i am completely not over Girl1 and still feel very attached to her. Its killing me i don't know what to do. I feel that if i stay with Girl2 i'm going to miss out on a hell of a lot of fun with Girl1. At the same time, i don't think i would have the heart to drop Girl2 and choose Girl1. Girl1 is very attractive, wild, outgoing and funny. Girl2 is probably just as attarctive, but she is a lot less outgoing, but more intelligent (unlike girl1 she is going to university the same one as me). I feel that Girl1 has been selfish rejecting me that many times and leading me on, and now that i have a girlfriend, suddenly getting jealous and changing her mind. But i can't help but like her despite that.


To sum it all up, i am attracted to Girl1 slightly more, but i feel that i have a brighter future with, and can trust Girl2 more. I am physically attracted to girl1 more (that isn't to say that girl2 isn't very sexy), but i get along emotionally with girl2 better and we have great conversations. I want to like Girl2 more, but i just can't. This is really killing me. I don't know what to do.


Both girls are in australia at the moment, i think they're getting along reosnably well at the moment. Girl2 (my grilfriend) returns in two weeks, Girl1 returns in 4 months. I told Girl1 before she left that "despite everything, I haven't stopped caring about her and want to be her friend". I think what i might do is spend the 4 months with girl2 and see how i feel after. If i still aren't over girl1 and she isn't over me by then then i probably will drop girl2 and go out with girl1. I just can't help but feel guilty and selfish making plans like this.


Why does this have to happen? i finally get a great girl for the first time in my life, and something like this happens. The world is out to get me i think.


Please any advice or opinions would be very welcome.

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