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any one out there in which there's a good outcome?

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Well, I don't know many couples who have broken up for a really long time (longer than several months) and still gotten back together. In that case, one or both people move on or simply don't feel the same way about the person. You grow, change, other things happen in life, etc.


I would probably never even consider going back to an ex-boyfriend. Been there, done that, didn't work out, wouldn't revisit. I left those relationships for very good reasons, ones that I haven't forgotten and that would surely come up again.


Most people live and learn. It's when people don't learn from their mistakes that is the sad part of life.

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My bf of a yr broke up with me, it hurt, i moved on but never completely i dont think, but i did start dating and enjoying my life...........


8 - 9 months later we got back together.........


we have been back together for only 3 months now, but we r happier then i coud have ever dreamed about, happier then we ever were b4, n even then we were happy, haha so yah anything is possible..........if u really lov each other, itll work out.........


the thing is tho, in my past experieces i think this depends ALOT on reasons why u broke up, how u felt as a dumpee and how u both deal after the break up.........if u dont understand why u broke up and u feel bitter, i think this lessens the chances or atleast the chances of it workin out if u do get back together........


in my case my ex n i broke up for reasons that i understood, even tho i didnt want to break up i understood his needs, n so i was supportive and ok with it.............we didnt fight or keep in contact either, we started talkin about 6 weeks after breakin up n even then only to catch up, n was only like once a month..........then we gradually started hangin out as friends after not seein each other for like 6 months.......


we always loved each other, we didnt break up cos of loss of feelings or cheating or anythin lke that.......


so alot of things depend


but theres even MORE work to be done when u DO get back together, u have to make sure u have talked n worked out what went wrong, how to deal better next time, make sure u feel confident n trusting int he new rship, and most of all that ur both sure this is what u want


i actually believe in some cases a break up is a good thing, for instance it has made me n my bf loser, stronger n better able to deal with hard times from learning from our mistake............he choose to run from things when he shouldnt have, i wa shis first gf n he was inexperienced but he has now learnt that lesson...........and i too have leart things i needed to to hel better the rship.........and now were r both even more secure n sure about our rship because we broke up n still remained close, n friends n we still ended up back together...........we both chose to come back together..........we both realise how storng our love is.......

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It's Not Even Worth Going Back To Your Ex!!!!!!! If You Two Broke Up...then It Was For A Reason!!!! When Me And My Ex Broke Up..i Was Sooooo Heart Broken!! Hell, I Even Lost 30lbs!!! But Now That 1 Year And Half Passed By... I See That Time Does Make You Forget Things!!! You Will Def Move On!!! Its All A Matter Of Time!!

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Wow. I'm surprised at the differences between people's opinions about exes. I, for instance, would rather go back to an ex and figure out what went wrong and fix it than to start yet another new relationship. I like the familiarity of an old love. I would go back right now to some of the relationships I had even many years ago, and try again, given the opportunity.

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As in so many things it all depends on the individuals involved and the circumstances of the break-up. I think that if. like OceanEyes, you broke up with someone for clearly defined reasons, then you are unlikely to go back. But I know someone who reconnected with his high-school sweetheart and they are now together more than twenty years after the break-up.

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It can happen! Anything is possible! Maybe it was just bad timing, sometime time apart can give you both an eye opener and a reminder of what it was that attracted you two in the first place.


You know the age old saying, sometime to truly appreciate what you have found, you need to loose it first...


Or if you love him, let him go... if he comes back you will know.


I feel for you, My guy just told me yesterday he can't be in a relationship with anyone, because he has a lot of things he needs to get straightened away in his life first. He's been emotionally abused by his parents for his entire life, he got into a relationship with someone else for 3 years and she did the same thing, then dropped him and continues to talk bad about him. I really feel we met for a reason but he wants his space and I have no choice to give it to him. Maybe I am a fool but I still have hope it will work out. If you truly love him let him know and see where he chooses to take it.

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