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My friend only emails me-no phone calls

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To me it looks like she feels she has more important plans going on then the friendship you two once had. I'm not saying she is dilberately doing this but as time goes on your situation changes and priorities change. I have a friend just like that. She is always too busy to hang out with the group. Theres nothing you can really do about it. If she really wants to hang out with you then she will make time somewhere.

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Stop calling her and don't mail her back is one way of finding out for sure what she's up to. A woman gets anxious when a man she is really into 'disappears' and wonders wher he is and why he has just up and gone. If she doesn't get in touch then you'll know it was never gonna happen anyway and was messing you about. but if she does like you she WILL call you.

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Sounds familiar to me. I once had a friend who were like that too. I told him so many times that a friendship needed to get out of the cyber world and we needed to communicate the way normal people were. He didn't get it though I knew that he talked to other people on the phone a lot. I also second Moore that she may wait if there is more some other things to do before she can 'finally' make a definite plan with you. Red flag.

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on the other side, I prefer e-mailing over phone calling. Lots of my friends have odd work hours and odd sleep hours, so I'd rather send an e-mail, which they can read and respond to when they get a chance, as opposed to calling them and interrupting them and whatever they're doing. I'm the same way with my bf. I'd rather e-mail or text him than call him if I think he's at work or with his friends.


But, regardless, she could be a bit better about setting up plans, either e-mail or phone calls.


I don't know what to tell you.... it sounds like you two have drifted.... maybe send her an e-mail asking her to lunch?

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In a way, you're chasing this friendship. I'd stop trying, and just let go for now. She'll come to you if she is interested. If she sends you another email with excuses, I wouldn't even bother replying.


Be open to meeting new friends, people who will make time for you.


Actions speak louder than words, and right now she is saying she is not as interested as you are...unfortunately.

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LOL, this sure sounds like my situation. My best friend started doing that to me in October. Well by December she wasn't returning my calls or e-mails, so I left it alone. She and I both have a myspace page, so I went to her page the other day to check up on her. Looks to me like she's dating a guy that I used to date. Something she said she'd never do. She put a man in between us. Our friendship is over.

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millaj, wow thats so messed up, well shes a fake friend.

I think kriss you should just not call her, you did the right thing in not emaling her back because it probably would've went back and forth.

If she does call you just act like it no big deal. Friends usually talk to each other and shes not talking to you which means your not much of friends.

I think you should forget her honeslty. Find some new friends.

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