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Thanks for the advice.


I've talked with my friends who have been watching him and me during our dates and they've all agreed that he's

playing hard to get with me.

They all think he's basically telling me that since i dumped him and i can't get him back in my life by just saying i want him back.

He actually needs to see me work for it.


I've given some thoughts to this and have reached a conclusion that this relationship doesn't worh

the trouble it's causing.

He is quite insecure person and since he's very insecure he has always been very manipulative with me.

(that's one of the major reasons i broke up with him) so i guess trying to read into his words and trying to figure out

his true intension is nothing but worthless.


Anyway, i'm moving on with my life and I've already started dating guys i've stoped dating because i was considering

getting back together with him.


Good luck with everyone and hope we all find "the one" in the very near future.

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He may like your company but just doesn't have that 'spark' necessary for a romantic relationship. But you don't have to do what he wants, including being his friend. If that is not what you want just don't do it. Tell him you have plenty of friends but want a relationship with a boyfriend so if he can't do that you will look for someone who can. Say maintaining a friendship with him would get in the way of doing that so it's best if you don't contact each other at all.

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