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Hey - it may see like a long time to you but it's still very recent for her. She was good enough to forgive you for cheating on her, I think the way to repay her for that is to realise that she is going to need time to be reassured that you won't do it again.


She was hurt big-time and you owe her accordingly. Just bite your tongue and put up with it for a while - and by a while I don't mean just a few days.

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excuse me, "unwantingly cheated"???????


You know how I feel about this. I think that she has a right to be paranoid. You didn't want to cheat on her the first time, you said you don't want to do it again, but you didn't "mean to cheat" the first time, so how does she know you won't "oops" do it again???


Is there a counseling service on your campus? Maybe you two can go to couples counseling, and have a therapist mediate - help you two establish trust in your relationship again.

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So far, you have done the right thing. You told her. And of course she is hurt. When your hurt by someone and even when you have forgiven them and as much as you would like to forget, it's not that simple.


She needs lots of time and lots of love and support. Keep doing what she needs for as long as she needs it. It's the least you can do and a small price to pay for her love and trust once more and the best thing to repair your relationship right now.

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Sorry annie i didn't realize wat i had typed could even mean that much.I guess i put it in a wrong way..


Yeah i guess ill have to keep on giving her reassurance..Its nothing compared to how much she has gone through...so i just have to think straight..Its not going to be this way forever..Like everyone has said..


Hmm..But wat about how i feel people... do i deal with it..I am not the one whus spose to be getting angry..But thats wat is happening..

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