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Keeping up no contact..technically

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Well it's been a week and I haven't attempted to contact my ex (except for text messages on Sunday from which I got no response). I'm going to attempt to tell anyone who has contact with her not to tell me anything about what she's doing, and if that doesn't work then I'm not going to talk to them at all. I just figure if I hear anything questionable it may make me feel worse, which I don't need right now, am I right in doing this? I know I may have to deal with hearing those things at some point but right now isn't the time. I'm having real trouble realizing that this girl has done some real nasty things to me and it's not worth thinking about her all the time, but it's hard doing that. Everybody who cares about me seems to think she's not worth it, I hope I get to that point soon.

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The no-contact idea is the best thing for you to do right now, in my opinion. Although it seems (and IS) incredibly difficult to maintain, it will benefit you in the future. Yes, you will have to eventually deal with the things that this girl did to you, but once you have successfully gotten over her for the most part, all of the mean things she did won't hurt you as much. Try not to talk about her too much with other people, and stay active so that you won't have to worry about constantly feeling depressed about her. If she did mean things to you, she obviously isn't worth it, and you deserve better.

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My main thing is the fact that I want to stop contact with mutual acquaintances (they were more her friends and family). It seems to be a form of avoiding something I may find out eventually (like her seeing someone else), but I feel like right now I feel like I should surround myself with happiness. After all, it is about me right now and making myself feel better.

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Whenever one of my friends would bring up my ex because they had talked to her or heard something or whatever. I would just tell them I don't wanna hear it.She's dead to me it doesnt matter.I really have no clue what shes doing today and thats the best way to handle it.Heloladies21 is right, just relax your time is coming.It came around for him and it's finally starting to come around for me.Goodluck..

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